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Care, Protect and Prolong

If you have invested in nail extensions, treat your new nails with the same care you would lavish on natural nails of the same length.

Carry on with your daily chores as usual, just remember the new length of your nails. The following suggestions may help you:

  • Pick things up with the sides of your fingers.
  • When telephone dialling, use a pencil.
  • Use the pads of your fingers for switches etc.
  • Remember, your nails are jewels, not tools.
  • Water is very damaging to nails, so use gloves when washing up.
  • Use a spoon or other implement to open cans.

You must return every 2 weeks for maintenance, otherwise water can get below the extensions and cause lifting or infection.

It is often thought that extensions ruin natural nails, however this is caused only if you try to pick at them or prise them off.

Please return to Tanya to get them removed professionally.

Apply cuticle oil twice daily to keep them flexible and strong.


We do not use products containing MMA's (Methyl Methacrylate)